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Lake Fork -

February-March 2005 Fishing Report.

By Dave Parsons

Well Itís time to dust off the reels, and knock the dirt daubers off your rods cause itís Double Digit time on Lake Fork. This time of year always produces Giants, but you have to be willing to take on the elements. Wind, cold temperatures, and constantly changing conditions can discourage the most avid angler, not to mention constantly changing patterns of the fish. This time of year the big females are trying to find warmer water with deeper water close by, so when the weather changes they can bail off into the deeper water until things warm up again. There also has to be a food supply close by . When the fish come out of the creeks they are going to cruise the flats for food and warmer water, this is a great time and place to throw a rattle trap, rouge, and spinner bait. I will basically have four rods rigged up and ready on my deck at all times. My primary bait will be a 1/2 oz rattle trap, in red or crawfish colors. When you are fishing the flats you can cover a lot of water with this bait. Look for places where there is grass and structure and you should find fish. When the fish move into the shallows grab your spinner bait, I use a 3/8 or 1/2 oz Terminator Spinner bait in white, white/chartreuse, or green perch for the best results. Use willow blades in clearer water and lots of grass and the Oklahoma blade in muddier water with less vegetation. I like the suspending rogue around big trees with a stop and start motion. My fourth rod will have a 1/2 oz Terminator Top Secret Jig tied on in brown/watermelon or black/blue colors for when the sun comes out or after a front passes, working the edges of the grass , tree lines, fence rows, and road beds always throwing to the shaded side.

Well that should do it for now, keep a tight line and Stick a Giant....

Good Fishing !!!



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